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ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Center Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Support


ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Center Support
ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Center Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Center Support ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Center Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Center Support
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How do we select our Customer Service Representatives (CSR)?
We know good customer service is not just setting high standards but being friendly with customers. Not everyone is suited to deal with customer problems. We understand the traits that our ideal customer service representative should possess. We dont assume that because a CSR has experience that he or she will be suited to address the unique needs of our customers We look to the following characteristics in our CSR's in general,
- Friendly manner
- Commitment to service
- Strong decision-making skills
- Ability to remain calm under pressure

How do we train our CSR?
Internal customer service guidelines and manuals are the essentials to the success of any training program. We greatly simplify training by providing in-house training manual which includes,
- Developing communication skills in voice, accent, soft skills and culture familiarization.
- Assessing and responding to customers needs
- Dealing with problematic situations
We provide a complete set of documentations of,
- Recent customer service communications
- E-mail messages
- Notes from phone conversations
- Call Logs
We instill high standards of attitude, speed of response and quality service in many ways which will dictate our quality. We make sure our CSR understands their responsibilities and are aware of the resources available to them before they start interacting with customers.
We also provide Soft skills of the following
» Fluency in written and spoken English
» PC Skills
» Ability to work in teams
» Listening skills
» Analytical skills
» Customer focus
» Be a graduate

How do we make a continued success?

Customer service is an ongoing process. We assess our CSR's by a regulated process and conduct follow-up training sessions to continue to represent your company well and to increase the value of our clients, brands and their businesses. Our Quality check and monitoring is an ongoing process aimed at continual improvement. We build and modify our process based on constant inputs from both internal customers ( who have hands on experience dealing with your customers ) with the approval of and additions from external customers.

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