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ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Center Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Support


ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Center Support
ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Center Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Center Support ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Center Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Center Support
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  • 24 x 7 In-house Helpdesk of experienced support team & established escalation process.
  • Remote monitoring of all equipments by Team Heads and equipment failure notification via e-mail and SMS.
  • Constant reviews and skill set benchmarking of external technology resources.
  • 24X7 support on Cisco Equipment.
  • 24X7 support on Servers and desktop.
  • Redundancy available for all vital components in Servers.
  • Adequate Inventory of Spares maintained in-house for Servers, PCs, Switches and Routers.


Physical Security

  • Close Circuit TV
  • Three cameras per floor and one camera installed in the Server room.
  • Based on digital recording on hard disk.
  • Remote viewing possible.
  • 24X7 management by the security guards.

Network Security


  • Dual PIX in High Availability Mode.
  • ISA based firewall after PIX providing flexible access policies.
  • Dual Packet Filtering Firewall in High-Availability mode with VPN support. The stage one is Cisco PIX (with High Availability option) with redundant physical boxes. Second stage is Microsoft ISA (Internet Security and Acceleration) Server.

Secured V-LAN for Separate Clients

  • Provision is made for offshore clients to have their own Local Area Network secure by way of either separate physical network or through separate V-LAN. This kind of provision ensures complete security of data on the LAN.

WAN/LAN switches password

The password for the switches is to be changed every 30(thirty) days. Repeatability of password is to be avoided.

  • The password is kept at a secure area.
  • The password would be changed under following circumstances:
    1. Breach of password detected by Networks
    2. Any event that makes it a necessity to change the password as visualized by Head Networks
    3. At the expiry of usage period
    4. On resignation / termination of services of any Technology team member.

System Security

Antivirus protection

  • Installation of antivirus software for each virus entry point on the network such as Internet gateway, mail servers, LAN servers, desktop on LAN, laptops and standalone PCs.
  • Updating program components and virus pattern files to stop the latest viruses.
  • Disable floppy drive access on all workstations.
  • Check and clean all floppies and CD media before using.
  • Perform a Virus Cleaning exercise once in three months.
  • Daily Backup and offsite storage of month end backup tapes.

User Data Security

Dedicated folders on file server. The access to these folders is dependent on the access privileges given to each individual user. All system files/directories are write protected from users.

  • Backup for this server taken on a daily basis.
  • The floppy drives at each of the user is disabled.
  • As we are using Windows 2000 as an operating system, we have disabled the control panel access and command prompt access for all the CSEs.
  • No default administration access is allowed to CSEs and no access provided to users for modifying BIOS.
  • CSR are given the access to the Internet as per the process requirement and all other access is denied.
  • All the attachments in the mail going outside are restricted and are regularly screened by email content manager of Trend Micro and in turn monitored by system and administration department.
  • Incoming *.exe, *.eml etc attachments are not allowed and this list gets updated on anti-virus software (Trend Micro) updates. This is done to prevent the flow of disastrous viruses.
  • No media is allowed inside the process floor.
  • No user is allowed to carry the bags and any food item/beverages on the working floor.


Definity Switch from Avaya with skill based routing and CMS software for reporting.

Flexibility: It can analyze the performance of a single agent, or thousands of agents, splits or agent/skill pairs.

Reports Management: Provides over 100 real-time and historical management reports to help you achieve critical sales and customer service objectives.

Strong Administrative Interface: Provides an administrative interface to the ACD feature of the DEFINITY ECS—allowing administrators to access the database, generate reports, administer ACD parameters and monitor call activities to determine the most efficient service possible for our customers.

Call Recorder from ContactACT

  • Full Time Recording
  • Screen Capture
  • Event based Recording
  • Rule Based Recording
  • Recording On Demand
  • Quality Monitoring

Digital Phones and Headsets for CSR

  • 6408D for CSR
  • Call Master V for supervisors
  • Plantronics noise canceling headsets
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