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ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Center Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Support


ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Center Support
ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Center Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Center Support ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Center Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Center Support
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» How You Become Our Customer
» How We Serve Your Customers
» How We Can Grow Together

How you become our customer:

Answering Service Response to customers enquiry detailing to what extent and more we can meet their needs
Sales and billing Service Mutual agreement on services to be offered and in what manner through the Sales/Client Relations team
Phone Answering Service Training from your end to one or more members of the team
Phone Support Services Start of support by the team assigned as per your process needs and skill sets required
Outsource Call Center Services Frequent monitoring, report generation, feedback sessions in the first month for revamping and reorganizing process and/or team if required


How we serve your customer

Our contact center is equipped with top-notch structural, electromechanical infrastructure and people power to provide you the best possible service. Our agents are the strongest feature of our value proposition, as we believe that the quality of our work depends on the quality of our people.

Outsource Phone Support Services

We use CISCO technology on VOIP phones. The call center environment allows a call dialed in or out to be forwarded and routed to the agent who has been assigned (or trained) to handle that call in the most efficient manner possible. Calls can be recorded, monitored real-time and all aspects of the call logged and reported. The Supervisors have access to tools that enable them to watch real-time, all parameters that is essential for quality service

Currently we are working on several accounts that includes inbound and outbound calling to international customers/clients, to home and business. Our agents make themselves adaptable to both script and non-script based projects and are spontaneous on calls. 

How we can grow together

The amount of focus we give for Quality and Client Relations is reflected by the fact that references have been major source of our expansion/growth.

Outsource Call Center Services - Quality Management Lifecycle

Process audit, internal feedback sessions, Client feedback sessions, follow-up and continual improvement are regular activities.

We customize our contact center services to suit your needs from being a seamless extension of your customer support services to offering a complete range of contact center services to resolve all your customer queries. We help you acquire customers, serve them, retain them and bring in more.


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