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ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Center Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Support


ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Center Support
ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Center Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Center Support ContACT - Outsource Technical Contact Center Support, Professional 24/7 Contact Center Support
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Our inbound call center services helps you establish presence 24x7 and help your customer reach you round the clock. Right from operator service to solving technical or sales queries on calls, our agents are trained and equipped to handle any inbound call for you in the best manner possible and to defined service levels. The calls are routed to the agent who is skilled and capable of handling your call in the best manner.

Services include

- Level one tech support for web hosting companies
- Presales Support
- Order and Database Verification
- Operator and Answering Service
- Account Maintenance and Back Office Operations

Level one tech support for web hosting companies

  • Do your customers want to know the status on a ticket or need help posting one?
  • Is your customer's problem something basic which a level 1 tech can solve over phone than adding on tickets to your helpdesk?
  • Do your customers need interaction back and forth and guidance over phone to solve their simple problems lively and promptly?
  • Do they want to make sure that their request has reached us and our technicians are working on it?
  • Do the same questions keep popping up to distract your level 2 or more technicians from their peak efficiency?
  • Are they concentrating more on general customer service activities than they are handling more complex, level-2 type issues?

Our level one technical support has been designed as a solution to all the above.

Pre sales support

Our agents can answer general questions or concerns about your product or service, regardless of the type of question or the complexity of product. They are trained to understand you product inside out and to be able to talk professionally and competently about benefits, features and uses thereby helping you acquire new customers.

Order and database verification

Meeting your customers expected level of support requires time, focus, and resources that most companies do not have When you wish to spend more time on Marketing, acquiring more customers, other core business process and urgent tasks, our agents are here to do the routine but important work, get accurate data and process the information to be sent in the manner required.

Operator and Answering service

Make your presence 24/7 by having our agents answer your calls and take messages for you in your absence. Customers are really delighted to hear a human voice than a answering machine. This way you shall not miss even a single lead for your service just because you were unable to answer the phone.

Operators also collect basic information before transferring calls to specific department or handle simple calls themselves like requests for brochures. They update the information in a common interface immediately. Simple data they collect can help you generate useful reports -say the response to your advertisement, lead source on sales calls etc.

Account Maintenance and Back office operations

Our agents can create, maintain and update accounts of your customer in the manner required to maintain accurate and up-to-date database of accounts. Any processing to be done and log of results on them will be done in a regular and professional manner.

Database creation, enhancement and management

- Create database of existing records
- Keeping track of new documents
- Creating an index of the records
- Incorporate the changes in the database as per established parameters


Our outbound call center telephone executives are well trained and experienced professionals. It's their task to help increase your sales, test new markets, do follow up on advertisements, enhance your database, build relationships, acquire and retain customers.

Services include

- Telemarketing and Lead Generation
- Directory and Order verification
- Surveys

Telemarketing and Lead Generation

With Predictive dialers helping skilled, intelligent, trained call specialists to place as many calls as possible to the prospects, our agents who have a flair for Sales give all their best to acquire a customer for your product. They "believe" in your product's utility, its features and benefit and make the prospect believe too.

Directory and Order verification

We call your customers to make sure that information in your database is upto date, accurate and complete. Our agents can quickly verify orders, collect and provide additional startup information to your customers.


Are you looking at finding out answers for a set of standard questions from a group of people? Be it a customer satisfaction survey, identifying the reach of your advertising or analyzing your markets,identifying areas of improvement,are here to quickly collect accurate information that you can rely on to build future strategies for your business.We will help you gather such critical market intelligence information to enhance customer satisfaction and thereby your company's growth


With internet being made available easily to all your customers around the world, wouldn't support over chat and email serve their purpose and supplement or complement support over Phone

In order to provide a chance for your customer to reach you through any channel , we make your customer service, sales and support department available not only 24/7 but also through multiple channels with quick response and resolution rates defined. Let your customer choose the way he/she is comfortable contacting us.

Looking for a combination of different modes or striking an effective balance to use the channels in the most cost effective and productive manner? Check with our Sales team on how we can help you. Presales, Level one technical, billing support and database building activities have proven to be very effective through the multiple channel packages we offer


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